The L2 Irrigation Quick Coupler

l2qc quick coupler

The L2 quick coupler is designed to be the safest and most reliable in the irrigation industry.

Activating quick coupling valves can be dangerous, if not properly secured in the ground. We have eliminated this problem with the L2 quick coupling valve and key.

With the L2 latch and lock technology, you don’t need to turn, twist, or kick the key to get it in or out of the valve. You simply push the key onto the spigot outlet of the valve body and turn the lever to the ON position. This activates the valve and water flows.

You can increase or decrease the water flow by turning the lever clockwise or counterclockwise. If you turn the lever to the OFF position, the check valve is de-activated and the key can be safely removed from the valve body.

Unlike regular brass valves and keys, the Leemco L2 is made of durable, non-corrosive stainless steel.

Irrigation Quick Coupler Applications

Golf Course Watering

golf course watering
– Applying the Correct Amount, In the Right Place, At the Right Time

Sports Field Maintenance

sports field maintenance
– Not only the Turf Needs Hand Watering

Cemetery Irrigation

cemetery irrigation
Cemeteries Are Difficult to Irrigate – Hand Watering Is Needed

Features & Benefits

Irrigation quick couplers have remained unchanged for decades until now. We have designed the L2 from the ground up to make the jobs of irrigation technicians easier. Click below to find out how easy hand watering can be!

Designed for Ease of Use

Hand watering can be a difficult task, dragging heavy hoses. No wonder sprinklers are often used when hoses would have been a better option.

The L2 makes hand watering much easier. No more fumbling with the key trying to align the guide with the slot in the valve. Not easy to do in plain view, much less in a wet hole in the ground often in the dark.

Conventional quick couplers can be difficult to turn on and off. Sometimes if the ground is uneven and the valve is a bit low the handle gets caught on the turf. 

The L2 key installs at any angle into the valve. Since there is no rotation of the key into the valve it is no problem if you install the valve a bit too low.

l2 key

Unparalleled Safety Features

l2 safety

Irrigation quick couplers have long been known to be dangerous. Many people have been injured by them blowing out of the ground while screwing the key into the valve.

Sand and debris get between the key and the valve making them stick rather than turn. There is no way to know until it is too late.

How many of you have had to kick the key to get it out of the valve? Those problems are gone with the L2. No more lateral turning and spinning the valve off the swing joint. The key easily slides onto the valve stem at any angle.

The ON/OFF handle rotates vertically. The first 90 degrees rotation locks the key pin into the 360-degree groove in the valve. Clockwise – ON Counter-clockwise – OFF.

The L2 also offers an easy-to-use safety clip and cable between the key and valve just in case there is a problem.

Fully Adjustable Flow

The only way to restrict water flow on regular quick couplers is to not fully screw the key into the valve, which isn’t safe.

The L2 gives you full flow control after the key has been locked into the valve. 

There’s no need for additional valves to be added at the end of the hose.

fully adjustable flow

Saves You Water

Hand watering is a very efficient way of irrigating your golf course, landscape, or sports field. It allows you to irrigate small areas with the right amount of water at the right time.

Irrigating small areas with sprinklers is inefficient. Many operators turn on large sprinklers when they shouldn’t because quick couplers are too difficult to operate. That’s no longer a problem with the L2. 

It may seem time-consuming, but the effort you put into hand watering gives the best results with minimal water waste. Also, in many areas watering by hand is the only method allowed during droughts.

No Need for Coning Sprinklers

coning sprinklers

Coning sprinklers isn’t good for them. Automatic sprinklers are not designed to be frequently operated manually. Install the L2 instead and save the wear and tear on your sprinkler selector valve.

Adding L2 quick couplers to your course to save water and stop coning sprinklers does not take as many valves as you may think. See here how to design an irrigation system using the L2 quick couplers.

Stainless Steel Construction

Our L2 quick couplers are made from grade 304 stainless steel rather than brass like regular quick coupling valves and keys. 

Includes Locking Cap

The L2 locking cap offers protection from vandals no matter your application while protecting the valve from debris at the same time. 

Available in yellow or purple for effluent water applications.

Built-In Port for Pressure Gauge

L2QC Pressure Gauge

You should check your static and dynamic pressures from time to time as part of your routine maintenance.

Knowing the pressure at various locations on your course can be very helpful to verify that your sprinklers operate properly.

Where and how can you do that now? It’s easy with the L2 quick coupler. The hose swivel has a built-in port to accommodate a pressure gauge for just this reason. 

Ten Year Warranty

At Leemco we are so sure of the quality of the L2 irrigation quick coupler that we offer a 10-YEAR WARRANTY on both parts AND labor!

leemco 10 year warranty


“As a former golf course superintendent, I am a big proponent of hand watering for optimum water and turf management. I experimented with the L2QC with some of my clients and they loved them. I specify them now on all of our projects.”  

James Schumacher –– President, Aqua Turf International

james schumacher aqua turf international

“We installed the Leemco L2QCs on the Faldo-designed Rumanza Golf Course in Multan, Pakistan. This was my first time using them. They are very well-designed, and easy to use. They were a great benefit in growing in and maintaining the course to the highest of standards.” 

David Mathews –– Project Manager, Desert Group

“I think the L2QC is a great improvement to the old style. They are very easy to operate, and the lever that opens and shuts water is a great thing. Plus there is no twisting which always seemed to create issues. I think the stability is perfect. The attached cap is very useful as well. In summary, I find them a very handy, foolproof tool for hand watering.”

Butch Laporte – Flagstick Construction Management

Butch Laporte Flagstick

See How Easy It Is

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No. All L2 irrigation quick couplers are made from 100% durable and non-corrosive stainless steel metal components. All L2 products carry a 10-year product warranty.   

Yes. The outlet of the L2 key is 1-1/4” FPT (female national pipe thread). Impact sprinklers or any other 1-1/4” MPT (male pipe thread) fittings can be used. 

Yes. The L2 QCVs are offered with two types of inlet ports. 1” ACME and 1” FPT (female pipe thread).

Yes. Stainless steel has excellent properties for direct bury applications. Some soil and water conditions are acidic and can corrode or destroy brass metal over time. Stainless steel metal is stronger than conventional brass metal and will hold up better under harsh field environments.

No. The square locking mechanism on the cap is an industry standard for all QCV manufacturers. All L2 key purchases include a Leemco locking key tool.

No. The L2 swivel will accept all industry-standard pressure gauges that have 1/4″ MPT ports (male pipe thread). 

No. The Leemco L2 Key will only work with Leemco QCVs.

Yes, the QCV cover will be yellow for potable water, and for non-potable water, the QCV cover will be purple.

Yes, all Leemco QCVs come standard with a locking cover.

Yes, all the Leemco QCVs are 100% serviceable and can be disassembled from the top. In total, the QCV each has 7 parts.

That is entirely up to the irrigation designer, but you can never be overly cautious when it comes to the safety of your personnel. As a manufacturer, we recommend using a QCV stabilizer with your new installation.

Please call the Leemco office or your Leemco sales representative and we will put you in contact with a Leemco distributor.

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